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The History of
Broadway Dance Arts

Broadway Dance Arts was founded in 2000 to bring something new to the Williamsburg area. At the time, most studios catered to the classical areas of dance, Broadway Dance Arts brought more versatile, theatrical and Broadway styled dance. In addition to this, the studio gave more performance opportunities to the students of not only dance, but our singers and actors as well.

At the time of opening in early 2000's, competition dance was becoming popular. Society was now aware that competition dance can benefit dancers in many ways and Williamsburg did not have a competition dance team at the time, Broadway Dance Arts formed the FIRST competition team in Williamsburg.


Over 23 years later, our competition teams have been awarded top awards on the National level from the highest ranking competitions in the country. These competitions include Starpower, World Class Talent Experience, Starquest, Access Broadway and more. Our soloists are commonly found in the top 10 at all competitions that we attend.

Jasmine Tubach, owner and artistic director of Broadway Dance Arts is proud of her studio, students and the education she is able to provide to each individual with the assistance of her qualified instructors. She is a 2015 James Madison Alumni, seasoned and awarded choreographer, as well as a professional modern and contemporary dancer. Her passion for dance & children has taken her far in life at a young age.


Miss. Jasmine grew up taking dance classes at Broadway Dance Arts. She has been a teacher at BDA since 2015 and has loved growing the studio as owner and artistic director. She has a genuine love for her students and enjoys enhancing their dance education as well as  partnering with the  community. Miss. Jasmine has many hopes and dreams for the studio that will all be developed over time. 

A current BDA parent recently said "You treat every student the same and pour into them equally. It doesn't matter to you if they are your most advanced dancer or not. You don't have favorites, you love all of the kids the same!"

Jasmine Jackson Sept 2023-Jasmine Jackson Sept 2023-0024.jpg

Jasmine Tubach

Our Mission Is to Empower

Jasmine Jackson Sept 2023-Jasmine Jackson Sept 2023-0001.jpg

At Broadway Dance Arts our mission is to give every child a chance to be in the spotlight to showcase their unique talents and skills. To provide high quality performance opportunities to dancers, singers, and actors. Our stars feel at home on stage both in the air and on the ground performing year-round.

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