In these unprecedented times the health and safety of our students and instructors is of the utmost importance to us. We have implemented the following policies for our dance families. A Covid-19 policy release is required to be signed for admittance to the in studio classes.

                                              COVID - 19 SAFETY POLICIES

1. Temperatures must be taken at home before coming to class. No one with a temperature over 99.5 may come to class. No one with cold, or flu symptoms, such as sore throat, nausea, cough, sneezing or runny nose may come to class. If another member of their family is displaying these symptoms, they should also stay home and Zoom into the class. We reserve the right to take a non-contact temperature if we are concerned that the student has a fever.

2. Students are to wash hands thoroughly before class and bring their own hand sanitizer with them. It should be applied before taking their place at the barre, or on the dance floor.

3. Masks must be worn by all who enter the building and while in the lobby and restroom.

4. Students are to be dropped of no more than 5-10 min. before the start of their class. Parents and other visitors are not allowed in the lobby, unless permission has been given by the studio director. Social distance must be maintained in the lobby waiting for class admittance. Street shoes remain in the lobby.

5. Restrooms are for emergency use only. Please make sure your dancer uses the restroom before coming.

6. Students are to arrive dressed for class with only dance shoes to be put on. Their outer wear over the dance clothes should be able to be removed without the need of privacy. Upon entering the dance room, their bags are distanced 10 feet apart around the room. Masks may then be removed to take their place in class.

7. Dancers in all classes accept tap must bring their own yoga mat to class to sit on to change shoes and do warm ups on. We are avoiding direct floor contact.

8. Contemporary students must wear jazz shoes and all dancers must have their legs covered with tights, or leggings.

9. No eating is allowed in the building. Students should bring their own water. Our water fountain is closed. As small snack in the bag is allowed if there are health concerns for low blood sugar.

10. Dancers will be spaced out 6 - 10 feet apart on the dance floor and at the barre. Classes are limited to 10 students. Masks are optional when dancing.

11. Parents must keep their cell phones on them while their children are in class in case of an emergency. They must be there at the end of class for pick up, either waiting outside the lobby door, or in their car. We request the parents of younger children to be outside the door.

12. All barres and other hand contact surfaces are wiped down between classes. The entire studio is thoroughly cleaned and sprayed with anti bacteria agents every night after classes. Fans are ran for air circulation during class.

13. We request thouse that have been out of town, especially to corona virus hot spots,  have flown on an airplane, or suspect that they have been exposed to someone with the virus to quarantine for 12 days before returning to classes. Zoom is available to them.

14. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the studio, or request a dancer to be picked up, if we feel the guidelines have not been followed. Also, if they begin displaying symptoms such as caughing, or sneezing during class. They will be asked to wear the mask and sat out of class until being picked up.

15. No drop in students are allowed. An appointment must be set and a Covid-19 policy release signed for admittance to class.