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Our team training Philosophy

  • Keep it positive - Give corrections in a way to encourage the dancer, not break them down with negativity.

  • Technique, Technique - Understand where everything is placed and how to do it. Terminology is frequently reviewed so that the dancer knows what things are called, and are not just copying what they see.

  • Artistry - Performance quality is stressed so that the artistry of the dancer comes out in their routines.

  • Versatility - Our dancers train in all styles of dance with acting and voice lessons also available in their schedule.

  • Challenge - We keep challenging the dancer to reach for higher levels of achievement in order to grow. They compete in the level they are at as stated in the rules of the competitions we attend, not a level down to stack their odds of a higher placement.

  • Enjoyment - Have fun as you train hard. Social events throughout the year for team bonding.

Competition opportunities for ages 5 - 19 in Beginning - Advanced levels.

Soloist opportunities for all dancers.

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Top 5 Things To Consider In Choosing A Competition Team


  •  Experience / Oppertunity–  Competition is exciting! BDA was our areas first competition dance studio and  brings 20 years of experience to our competitors. A lot goes into being a competition dancer from the team placements to the final events. When a studio is experienced in the competition scene, they know how to make things run smoothly for their competitors.  Experienced teams know what to expect when they get to the venues, are familiar with the different competitions and their directors and know how to help their families be comfortable and informed at the competition. We keep our teams small to ensure our dancers will gain experience and be seen onstage at the competitions.


  •  Track record –  How has the team placed in different skill levels at competitions?  Our studio consistently ranks in the top 5 Overall in all levels from Novice to Advanced. Our director and instructors have won top awards not only on a regional, but National level. They include Best Choreography, Most Entertaining, and First Place & Highest Overall scores. The BDA studio has received the KAR Excellence in DAnce Award and Best Studio Sportsmanship many times at different competitions. Our director has won,”Best Studio Director” at Access Broadway. We have competed in and won the Starquest "Quest For The Best" and performed in the Starpower prestigious “Battle Of The Stars” for 3 consecutive years!


  • Professional Performance Experience Our competition team director was a professional dancer and choreographer for many years before retiring from the stage and opening her own studio. She performed as dance captain and lead dancer in shows at Busch Gardens, Opryland USA, in National tours and in many other regional shows.  Having judged many dance competitions, she brings the knowledge of what the judges are looking for to her routines. Our director continues to be a sought after choreographer for musical theatre shows in our community, recently choreographing the sold out production of “Cats” at the Williamsburg Players.


  •  Costuming / Routine Content –  Attention to detail is given to all of our costumes. They are age appropriate and suitable for all body types in the dances. Our dances are also age appropriate and do not push the edge of what may be acceptable content for all ages. We have won many Best Costume awards and compliments on the appropriateness of our dances.


  • Studio Competition Philosophy – BDA supports a positive competitive experience for our students. We are not in it just to win, or gain a name for ourselves by featuring only our most highly skilled dancers and competing in levels beneath their ability just to win. We have teams for all ages and levels. The overall experience and integrity are important to us. Our students are taught to reach for their goals and work hard to achieve them, to be supportive of other teams at the competitions and to use good sportsmanship. All students have opportunities for solos. Technique is taught in a positive manner. 

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